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Industrial hallway sideboard project

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Industrial hallway sideboard project











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Re: Industrial hallway sideboard project

Nice work @Starkers_17. Metal work is one thing I haven't put enough time into and I really should.
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Re: Industrial hallway sideboard project

Thanks @ProjectPete, metal working is a great skill to learn, opens up a world of opportunity. It can be a frustrating while you get the hang of it but we’ll worth persevering.

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Re: Industrial hallway sideboard project

Looks good @Starkers_17 , will you be putting another rack inside the unit?

Welding is something I've already wanted to learn, but everytime I tried to enrol in TAFE I was told I couldn't unless it was for my job...  Never found anyone to give private lessons..


Keep up the good work.

Re: Industrial hallway sideboard project

Thanks @Old-gal24 , i wasn't because really wanted it to be a simple sideboard with an bit of a practical element with the single row shoe rack, rather than a full shoe rack with a nice top. The reality is though that we do need more space for shoes so at some point I will add another row or 2. I was lucky enough to learn how to weld on the job. It's be interesting to see what others think but my experience was practice was better than someone showing me(that could just be the way I prefer to learn). You could watch a few  videos that give the basics and maybe see if you can pick up a cheap welder and just practice.

Re: Industrial hallway sideboard project

Thank you @Starkers_17  I think your suggestion of just purchasing a secondhand welder and just practice, practice and lots more practice, is the only way to go.
The main thing that has held me back from doing so, is the fact that I'm not sure which is the best way to go as far as welders are concerned, Mig, Tig or Stick. I am a little partial to Mig as it seems less messy to me. *(I've only tried it twice)  But procrastinate at purchasing something because I can't decide which is the best way to go.  But it's such an amazing craft to learn.

Re: Industrial hallway sideboard project

I’ve got a mig, I tried to use an arc welder the other day and was hopeless. I use it with Mig gas bottle, you can use gasless welding wire but I haven’t tried that. I have never used a tig welder so I can’t give any advice on those.

Re: Industrial hallway sideboard project

Um, think I may have the welders mixed up.  I used one that had continuous wire?

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