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Storing tools and gardening supplies

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Storing tools and gardening supplies

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Workshop community update #44


Hi all,


I’m sure one of @Annette's posts this week struck a chord with many people. She has a bulging garden shed and is trying to work out a better system for storing tools and gardening supplies.


Fortunately the community came up with some great suggestions, including benches and cupboards. Please keep the ideas coming.


Other popular posts from the past week include:







  • Advice for @diyhack about what to do about paint flaking off from galvanised metal.


It’s also great to see Workshop members regularly sharing images on the gallery. Some interesting recent photos include a three tier planter box from @Oldfart, @Trying’s decorative pavers and @ProjectPete’s stylish outdoor wall display.  


I’m also keen to hear from more Workshop members about the best thing you’ve ever made. Don’t be modest!


Many thanks to all contributors to Workshop over the past week. Our top members in the past seven days were @Annette, @Andy_Mann, @ProjectPete, @Isobel and @BibbyKat. We really appreciate your contribution and look forward to more of your posts.


And thanks to all those who have contributed to our latest poll on how many pets you have sharing your home. Please add your vote on the front page and add to the discussion.



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Re: Storing tools and gardening supplies

I have a large shed in the side garden which stores my lawn mower, trollies, barrow and large things together with all the tools inherited when my darling father passed away..  


At the back of the house, I have a small garden cupboard in which I store all my garden tools .. spade-hoe-shovel etc.  The shelves hold all my garden supplies .. fertalisers etc.  This method is satisfactory and convenient for me.

However, here are a couple pictures which I have stored on my Pinterst for garden tool storage, which I think might help .. hopefully ... maybe???.  



garden 3.jpg         garden 2.jpg


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