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Whole of House

Help for projects that encompass the entire house
Making a Splash
49 replies

We recently completed phase 1 of our renovation and had most of our house professionally painted. The rooms look completely new apart from the ugly ...

Growing in Experience
5 replies

We are sleeping in a bedroom which has a window to a busy street. What are some simple ways we can sound proof without double glazing? At this stage w ...

Just Starting Out
8 replies

I have a number of aluminium Windows. We have painted outside of house and want the window frames to be white. What is the best way to repaint the al ...

Finding My Feet
5 replies

I have some, but not all, windows on my house that have no fly screens. Can I make them myself ?

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
15 replies

It's the first day of winter and the cold weather has arrived. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to winter-proof your home by keeping the c ...

Kind of a Big Deal
22 replies

As part of the greater plan of a Smart Home for the new house I'm looking for keyless entry on the front door along with the other great features of t ...

Finding My Feet
20 replies

   Hi there, I am wanting to repaint the metal door frames in my house. Not sure where to start as the instructions on the web seem to all be aroun ...

Amassing an Audience
12 replies

  This would have to be one of my favourite builds. I have always wanted to Build a barn door and now I have made one, I can’t wait to be building ...

Having an Impact
18 replies

I have old steel frame windows at the front of my brick house and all of the substance that is I assume supposed to be holding the window glass in and ...

Finding My Feet
4 replies

Hi. Keeping the house warm in winter is getting expensive. So, I've started to investigate ways of Keeping the house warm with as little expense as p ...

Getting Established
6 replies

   Could someone please suggest the best way for me to repair this whole in the door. I would rather not replace the entire door if I can avoid it. ...

Cultivating a Following
23 replies

We are looking to build our own barn doors (2400H X 1200W) for 2 large openings in our living area. The design below is what we want to achieve. ...

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