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New shed storage project

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New shed storage project

Hi everyone - as my love and interest in DIY continues to grow I found I needed an adequate area to accommodate this. I needed decent storage and a portable workbench that would be suitable for my drop saw but found it hard to find anything that ticked all the boxes. 

So I tried my best at creating my own. This way I could measure it to fit in my garage and keep my car in the garage at night. 

I’ve uploaded some pics but interested to know if there’s anything else I should add or any helpful tips. FYI - my workbench now has lockable castor wheels so it’s portable. 



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Re: Current reno of my she-shed!


Envy is the way myself and my workmates talk about your shelving solution.  :smile: I have built something similar in a previous house but for the life of me did not think of doing it again until I saw this pic in a discussion today. Nice work :smile: The Discussion devolved into a movable ladder to slide along teh floor. We had different views on how that could be done but I like the odea of using the guide from a sliding gate and a bar at top of the shelves. Have the shelves bowed at all?





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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Current reno of my she-shed!

Hi @Dave-1


I've just read your idea about a sliding movable ladder and I think it is superb. Using the guide from a sliding gate is ingenious and saves you from having to get anything custom-made. If you ever decide to build this please make sure to post an update. I'm sure our members would be keen to see how it can be put together.




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Re: Current reno of my she-shed!


Sorry Dave, I have not kept up with this group notifications. The shelving has bowed in some spots, where more weight than intended has pushed down, so I added vertical beams, jammed in first then fixed with a couple of screws. I keep the heavy stuff at the bottom and light on top, for ease of access. The design can and should be improved for sure, especially if one wants to increase the load. Most of my crates have bulky but light items (clothing, boots, Lego, doonas and blankets, etc). 


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