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The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

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The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

Hi All, I wanted to know what everyones opinions are on what  you think the best brands of power tools are for professionals, the at home DIYer and the one time users.


My personal preferences are as follows: 


Professional (top of the range):

1. DeWalt

2. Makita 

3. AEG

4. Bosche Blue



1. Ryobi

2. Bosche Green

3. Ozito Power Xchange (red)


One time user:

1. Ozito

2. XU1

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Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

I had the same question when I went down to buy my own set of cordless power tools before we started renovations as I was looking at laying down the cash for a big name brand over the percieved cheaper brands like Ryobi


In the end one of the store assistants said to go for Ryobi as they were great value for money, and alot of the tradies that come in use them and yet cheap enough to replace if something ever failed down the track out of warranty.  So I took his advice and ended up with a set of Ryobi, from memory I think he even knocked off some of the list price to seal the deal for me.


I also purchased an additial second set of batteries when there was a special on, this has allowed me to get way without a fast charger up until now. 


Four years later and the verdict? 


Still going strong!  These have proved be be a worthwhile investment from my point of view.  They have been well worked during (my still ongoing) house renovations, a new kitchen, new bathroom and my garage build.  The original set of batteries have only just given up the ghost this weekend.  Granted I dont use them on a daily basis as I would a tradie, but when I do they are worked hard and reliable and work well, some time weeks at a time.  Even the builder who helped me build my Garage uses them - the new brusless drill models he recently purchased has so much torque it will break a wrist if you let it.


The only exception I have to my cordless tools is my framing nailer, I went with brushless Hitiachi (now rebranded as Hikoki) as Ryobi just dont do a battery powered framing nailer (not sure why - I have their brad nailer), as I dont want to have to buy gas cylinders for the other brands.  It is a bit on the heavy side but a solid performer - it literally built my Garage and workshop.  Based on its performace I wouldnt have a problem purchasing this brand if I were to ever switch.



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Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?


I think of Ozito as a cheap DIY manufacturer that does the job, then I think of Ryobi as the luxury range, Homelite... although it is owned by Ryobi... think of it as the Toyota's of the Lexus's, Holden's of the HSV's, Ford's of the FPV's, VW's of the Buggati's... baisically the same thing but more affordable. Ryobi are the best for quility, but Ozito is best for price and they have a huge range.

Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

Thanks for joining in the discussion and sharing your thoughts @JDEpicgamer1. We are looking forward to reading about your own projects and plans. Please don't hesitate to post anytime you need a hand or have something to share with the Bunnings Workshop community. We have clever and creative members sharing helpful information, advice and inspiration on the site every day, so we're sure you'll fit right in.






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Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

I tend to agree there Josh - maybe 3 /1 and then 2 in your first list and put 4 top in group DIY - I once lived in Taiwan in 1969/ 1972 when it was part of ROC = ( NOT China) and accordingly suggest if made in Mainline China do not unless you KNOW parent coy has decent QC.over product control..  

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?



An outstanding example of a company that partially switched to manufacturing in China is Makita. They use their own quality control team to ensure the standard of products is suitably high. 


The best product demonstration I have ever been to was from Makita. They had constructed a partial house and had all their range of Japanese and Chinese made tools out for use. Prior to being able to use the tools, they gave us a rundown on safety and what we could and couldn't do. I was well prepared to hear the line of "Now the Chinese tools are budget and expect less performance." but no, the entire premise of the day was for us to try to break and burn them out in a battle against the Japanese versions. This presented a challenge for me as I've always been extremely passionate about Japanese made tools. I held them in high regards as the premium tools in our range and would never recommend them over the alternatives if someone wanted quality.


After several hours of treating the tools worse than you ever would in your own workshop, I came away with blisters on my hands and a brand new appreciation for Chinese made products where the quality control is done right. We did not destroy a single Chinese manufactured product that day, though a few of the Japanese models were looking a tad worse for wear.




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Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

I am a Mechanical Design Engineer, with an Australian based company. We have our R&D and company HQ in Aus & USA, but primarily manufacture in China and I used to travel there 2 or 3 times per year (pre Covid). I am also a Trade Certified Injection Mould Toolmaker with 35 years experience in Product Design & Manufacture. I had my own Toolmaking and Product Development business before Chinese Mould Manufacturers were landing (in Australia)  finished, precision CNC Machined, sophisticated Plastic Injection Moulds with 100's of man hours of work in them, for cheaper than we could purchase the Steel to begin machining.


n.b.- RoC (Taiwan) is not part of PRoC (Mainland China) and hopefully will remain that way.


China (mainland) has world class manufacturing and cheap & nasty manufacturing and everything in between. Their rate of improvement in quality and design is immense and they improve every year. Because Product Innovation is inseparable from Manufacturing Processes, and China has the Lions share of global manufacturing, they will reach a point where their products are better and more sophisticated than the rest of the world as a natural progression, much as Japan gained a reputation for supreme quality despite being labelled "Jap Crap" with inferior products in the 1970's - 1980's.


It's very difficult for an outsider to know if a company is doing it's QC right, or the rigour of their product design and testing procedures.

The best decision support is customer feedback from a reliable source who's rating system is hard to falsify, like Bunnings, Amazon etc, especially if they are a reputable seller who honours warranty claims etc.


The only caveat I have is that every dollar you pay to buy Chinese made goods is partially supporting the PRC Government to build a war machine like the world has never seen to enforce global hegemony, that may some day very possibly be a rod for our own backs...


Any Company of any size in China is State controlled and it is mandated that they must have Government Agents on their Boards. The PRC gives Chinese Manufacturers special assistance to make their products more price competitive in World Markets that is hard to compete with.



Quick Question: Which of the following brands are made in China? XU1, Ozito, Milwaukee, De-Walt, Makita, Ryobi, Stihl

Answer: They all are made in China. (yes, some have other factories around the World, but they all make the majority of their consumer oriented tools in China)

Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Sailor_67 and thanks for joining in the discussion. Let's keep the conversation focused on the quality of the products themselves rather than their origin, as that can often lead to racist comments and political arguments which have absolutely no place here


It sounds like you have loads of valuable experience and knowledge to share with the community. We are looking forward to reading all about your projects and plans. 


Many thanks,




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Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

Good morning @Sailor_67 


"I am also a Trade Certified Injection Mould Toolmaker with 35 years experience in Product Design & Manufacture."


I was just wondering, historically, if you had any design involvement within the Global Machinery Company (GMC)?



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Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

My dad was a professional (carpenter/builder).  Toward the end of his life he said he couldn't justify expensive tools any more so he bought Ozito.   I've inherited his Ozito range and am a semi regular to occasional user of all.


I love the single battery which I keep on charge always so it's ready to go no matter what I want to do.  I love my drill, sander, leaf blower, whipper snipper and long reach hedge trimmer


The only Ozito item I wouldn't recommend is the chain saw (although it generally gets good reviews online).  It just doesn't feel solid or safe enough for me.



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Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

I remember my mother telling me the carpenters in town when she was a child used bicycles for transport. They had a bag on the back with the essentials - hand saw, hammer, plane, chisels, screwdrivers, etc. Hardware places delivered the wood and building materials to the site.

Times have certainly changed.

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