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Vacuum suitable for garage debris?

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Re: Vacuum suitable for garage debris?

Hello @Newgreenthumb 


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop! If your garage is like mine and doubles as the storage area for the house I have a three step approach to the storage and dusting of the area. First I use my Ozito cordless blower to blow all the dust and debris out. Next I cover all my stored items with a plastic backed drop sheet. I stored my bikes in an open shed with only the drop sheet as protection and it lasted 5 years.  Then the very last I use my Ozito shop vac to pick anything left behind on the floor ( very versatile and I also use it to vacum my car! ). Mind you this is also my woodwork shop so it gets mighty dusty after I do my work. Below are the photos of the items I use. I am planning to build a primary filter bucket for my wet/dry vac just like @JoeAzza so that it extends the life of the unit. There are so many designs on the internet I think it is a vital piece of diy that should be right next to your shop vac. With a little bit of planning and re-arrangement you can maximize both the area and storage of your garage. I hope my suggestions help and gives you a better idea of how you want to keep your garage clean and useful.





Screenshot_2021-05-31 Ozito PXC 18V Blower Kit.pngScreenshot_2021-05-31 Paint Partner 2 6 x 3 6m Plastic Backed Canvas Drop Sheet.pngScreenshot_2021-05-31 Ozito 1250W 12L Stainless Wet And Dry Vacuum.pngA sample of the arrangement of the primary dust and debris bucket.A sample of the arrangement of the primary dust and debris bucket.

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