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Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

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Re: Outdoor kitchen project (deck and awning)

Hi @Ekodeck,

This reply comes from a DIY home owner who has never built a deck before in his life but was happy to give it a crack. The decision to use your product was based on the vast amount of tutorial information that was available to me (website, youtube etc) and to the composite material that ensured a long life due to its guarantee and warranty. The lengths are a little tricky to work with but is not impossible for one person to handle. Cutting the material is easy with a standard sized dropsaw. Once the first board is set, the rest of the installation is quite straight forward. The trick was to not fix them down until 3 rows are in place and all square. I installed a breaker board to avoid the use of butt joints, that was the best decision I made to ensure the best outcome and finish. Care needs to be taken with furniture or other items when moving them across the surface as the product scratches quite easily. I have 25% exposed to the elements and so far it's holding up quite well. Cleaning is easy, my tip is to squeegy the surface after washing it down for a good finish. Overall, very happy with my decision to purchase the Designer Series boards and would recommend their use to anyone embarking on a similar project.


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