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Top 10 most popular planter box projects

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A planter box allows gardeners to tend to their vegetables and favourite plants at an accessible height, reducing the need for constant bending. Planters are also portable, so they can be moved around throughout the seasons and taken with you if you move homes. 


Bunnings Workshop community members have shared many different ideas for planters, including using decking boards, recycled flooring and fence palings. Best of all, these simple projects can make a terrific first build for a D.I.Y. beginner.


Here are our top 10 most popular planter box projects on Workshop by pageviews:


1. Planter boxes over existing garden bed by @LePallet 

LePallet's planter boxesLePallet's planter boxes


Passionate woodworker Rylie built these eye-catching 2.5m x 2m planter boxes to fit over an existing garden bed.


2. Outdoor bench seats and planter boxes by @Poppop 


Like most of his builds, Workshop member Poppop says the plans for these corner bench seats with planter boxes were "all in his head". He used treated Pine fence palings in this project as well as his wishing well, garden bridge and raised garden bed projects.


3. Pallet planter boxes with home-made stain by @LePallet 


Rylie joined these recycled pallet timber planter boxes together and finished with a home-made stain that he generously shared with the Workshop community how to make and apply.


4. Merbau planter boxes by @BrendanB 


After creating a frame with sleepers, Brendan constructed these terrific planter boxes using Merbau pickets. He then lined the planters with netting and black plastic, ready for planting.


5. Raised planter box using treated Pine  by @WoodenGregsWood 

Raised planter box shared by WoodenGregsWoodRaised planter box shared by WoodenGregsWood


Workshop member WoodenGregsWood built this planter box at an ideal height for him to garden without strain. It offers enough room to grow different vegetables in the same box.


6. Planter box with decking timber cladding  by @maknilsin 


Mark made this planter box as part of a backyard makeover and clad the box with decking timber from his newly-built deck. The planter box also doubles as bench seating when socialising.


7. Privacy screen planter box using pallet timber by @Yorky88 


Pallet maestro Marty built this recycled timber planter box with a screen that is perfect for growing climbers and can provide privacy from neighbours or to block out a backyard eyesore.


8. Bench seat with planter box by @Chaks_DIY 


Rustikman's Jarrah planter boxesRustikman's Jarrah planter boxesRufaro created this bench seat with built-in planter box and clad with Merbau decking boards to match his Merbau raised garden bed.


9. Jarrah planter boxes by @Rustikman 


Inspired by Workshop member mdstorrs's Tall man raised garden beds, Rustikman constructed these elevated Jarrah planter boxes and filled them using layers of wood chips, pea straw, sheep manure and soil.


10. Recycled floorboards planter box by @RodAndo 


Workshop member RodAndo framed this planter box using recycled hardwood and clad with recycled floorboards.


How to build a planter box


Check out this step-by-step guide to building a portable garden bed by the Bunnings team. Experienced Workshop member Rob has also put together a simple guide to making a very simple planter box for beginners. You can also try creating your own tiered timber planter.


How to build a raised garden bed


Differing from a planter box, a raised garden bed is typically a permanent structure and does not have a base. The Bunnings Workshop team has shared these guides for making your own:






When your build is complete, we also have a step-by-step guide How to fill a raised garden bed


More inspiration for your garden


These inspiring project collections offer more wonderful ideas for your garden from our clever and creative community:


Rufaro's planter box with built-in seatingRufaro's planter box with built-in seating





Need help with a garden project?


The Bunnings Workshop community has plenty of creative and experienced members happy to share ideas or suggestions for your planter box build or next gardening project. Feel free to comment below or start a new discussion to let us know how we can help.


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