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Community Newcomer

Spray Tan Salon renovations / advice on skirting boards. Hi everyone. I am in the process of renovating what used to be my garage, however, it is now ...

Community Newcomer
7 replies

just moved into this rental and the grout is horrendous. Seems like someone painted the grout lines white and paint has chipped overtime. What is the ...

Community Newcomer

We have metal transition strips between tile and floating wooden floors. I hate them - to make matters worse, the builder (years ago) used different s ...

Growing in Experience
12 replies

Novice painter here,used Tauberman ultimate enamel paint to repaint my architraves and door frames however I found that there were these thick deposit ...

Finding My Feet
24 replies

All my wifi contact sensors have stopped working in the Alexa app (Device unresponsive) . they all work fine in the Grid connect app I have removed d ...

Growing in Experience
1 reply

Hello, Some areas of my interior cement render walls have been patched up and the look of the patched areas look as expected, very flat and smooth c ...

Finding My Feet
10 replies

My front door does not fit tight to the frame therefore allowing a draught to come into the house. The space is around the entire door including the b ...

Getting Established
4 replies

Hey all, My house has cypress pine floorboards that have seen better days - Pic attached. The floor itself looks in pretty decent shape, few little ...

Growing in Experience
3 replies

After years of never ever being able to load and use a caulk gun, I grabbed a friendly geezer at Bunnings and declared my frustration with caulk guns, ...

Getting Established
17 replies

Guys, Im looking at installing 13mm solid jarrah floor boards on existing concrete slab. Do you have any videos/publications on:- Preparation A ...

Cultivating a Following
11 replies

Hey guys. I'm painting my house and need advice with which filler to use to fill small cracks and big holes in the walls. I need something easy to us ...

Getting Established
3 replies

A few days ago a stain has appeaed in our dinning room It has an unusual shape and colour. White ceiling, stain is darker than photos show. It has not ...

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