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Just Starting Out
2 replies

Hi all, Any tips on how I would go about repairing a slate tile that is cracked like this? As you can see it's not just cracked but has left a pocket ...

Community Newcomer

Hey everyone, i am an amateur painter that learned through errors, videos and the bunnings community chat. I came across an issue that i cant seem to ...

Finding My Feet
4 replies

 Hi!I've a old downlight that's blown and needs replacement. It's an incandescent one (halogen) and I'd like to replace it with an LED one with a high ...

Growing in Experience
12 replies

We hosted a 18th birthday party on the weekend and there was some over-enthusiastic dancing. I now have to repair four holes in the wall. I've never d ...

Just Starting Out

We built our cathouse with with mdf board, scared woods, artificial grass mat and a scratching board as a stairs.

Just Starting Out

 Hello, I am Fatema. I want to learn to make a rotating bookshelf like this from scratch. I live near Lidcomb Bunnings. What basic skills should I sta ...

Finding My Feet
22 replies

   Hi there, I am wanting to repaint the metal door frames in my house. Not sure where to start as the instructions on the web seem to all be aroun ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

I’m wanting to use either a acrylic or pvc clear sheet to replace what once was glass, I just realistically can’t afford to have it replaced with glas ...

Building a Reputation

Is the feature wall paint outdated?What feature wall color to go for lexicon quarter white in bedrooms and living.I have 5 bedrooms & 1 living.Any tho ...

Getting Established
6 replies

Hello All,I have a large gap of about 50mm under one of my door frames and I'm looking for some advice on how to best address it. Any suggestions on t ...

Becoming a Leader
2 replies

So, I bought this house that had the front entrance on a 2nd level on the back of the house. Obviously not ideal, especially when it came to deliverie ...

Building a Reputation
9 replies

Hi all, My sister's place has a couple of jobs that need repairing. The fascia/barge board has a little bit of rot, just wondering what dimension of ...

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