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Whole of House

Help for projects that encompass the entire house
Just Starting Out
2 replies

Looking at cleaning and maintaining the subfloor space, I have found some great ideas about the insulation which is really going to help in winter, bu ...

Just Starting Out
7 replies

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a house and was planning to install solar panels. However, upon closer inspection, I realized my Colorbond roof need ...

Community Newcomer
3 replies

Hi there, I'm looking for some advice on sealing a concrete ceiling. I see many products available, like the Bastion 15L Matte Concrete Sealer, but th ...

Growing in Experience
10 replies

Hey all, I am hoping to retrofit our townhouse with underfloor insulation as a summer project, and had a couple of questions after having a look und ...

Just Starting Out
8 replies

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out which latch to install on our double cavity doors for our laundry to keep our curious dog out of there. The doors ca ...

Growing in Experience
6 replies

Hi We are wanting to increase the air flow under our house We already have a ventilation fan under the house, but would like to widen our outs ...

Just Starting Out
5 replies

I'd like to to remove/clean/reinstall our diamond grille security screens. I've managed to get one screw out but the others are firmly screwed in/w ...

Community Newcomer
5 replies

Hi Everyone, I've got an old house that I've ripped up carpet and thin MDF board and found beautiful hardwood boards underneath. The boards appear ...

Community Newcomer
1 reply

I recently received a dartboard in a frame. I have a metal frame house dumb question. How do I mount it? I’ve only ever mounted to a wood framed hou ...

Growing in Experience
5 replies

    Hi all My sliding door is jamming and not opening and closing properly. I have to lift the door and slide it to open the door. I took the d ...

Amassing an Audience
184 replies

Hi all, I thought it may he good to have a feed where we could share any tips and tricks to do with any of the Grid Connect Range being Arlec, Deta, V ...

Building a Reputation
3 replies

Currently building first time in Sydney, Are these windows gaps and uneven brick finishing acceptable  What do i need to ask my builder to fix this ...

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