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Whole of House

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I'm looking to pickup up a whole lot of these DETA smart switches ( as they don't nee ...

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Hi I broke the window glass for the bathroom which is frosted glass. I was wondering how I go about replacing it? Thank you!

New Contributor
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I have a brand new stairs and not sure what of stain to use? Can you please suggest a product and color chart? Similarly for entry door I need stain.

Projects Editor Akanksha
Projects Editor
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We’ve had some amazing upcycling projects shared in Workshop recently, with many members creatively giving a new lease of life to dated pieces of furn ...

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Hi, I have a few walls in our house that are currently exposed brick which we would like to keep as a feature. Just wondering what the best method is ...

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So you head into your local Bunnings to grab a replacement globe and am smacked in the face by a dedicated isle of light globes and your confidence of ...

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Firstly to clarify, "a dedicated home theatre" means that the room you will be using will only be used for watching movies and perhaps some TV.. A ...

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So your in need for a TV cable and your heading into your local Bunnings to pick one up but before you grab your keys there's a few things that a wort ...

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You may have seen these stickers around your local Bunnings electrical department and thought "oh they are just covering themselves". But it is so im ...

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So you've bought a heap of Grid Connect gear like me but your security cameras are Swann and then on trip to Bunnings you notice so bargin priced Wiz ...

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Hi everyone, For some time now, we have wanted to install some home video surveillance around our home. I wanted to share my experience with the co ...

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how do i register for warranty, as i have just bought a 360 laser and it says to register but there are no details

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