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Just Starting Out
1 reply

My recently bought house has a very old YELLOW (80s color) how to color it with white, any idea. I tried 3 quotes of CHEMSTUK brand after cleaning the ...

Community Newcomer
4 replies

I’m in the process of going through with a garage to bedroom conversion.In particular, the slab work is giving me a bit of a headache.The plans (from ...

Home Improvement Guru
10 replies

Afternoon All I have been wondering for the last two years about the difference between these two sizes of ozito saws. 184mm blade runs at max spped o ...

Community Newcomer

Hi, recently purchased an 1890’s rural home with rising damp. It is double brick with a veranda around external wall. It also appears to have slate ac ...

Community Newcomer
1 reply

So we are doing a reno on a house that was built in 1982. We are really needing to know what is happening on these window frames. It looks like paint ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi I purchased Boyle clear satin varnish. Will that seal coasters and make it heat/ water resistant? If not what can I use? Thanks

Having an Impact
2 replies

I love adding mosaic stone tiles to pieces of furniture and other decor items. I had this old timber entry table that needed a refresh and using a co ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

     I stained these stairs a while ago and they look ok from the bottom of the stairs as they go with the wood look of our furniture. But it alway ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

What tools & fastening system do i use to fix 6mm cement sheet (1200 x 2400 ) boards externally to a pine stud frame & then apply vertical battens ove ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

We have a long entryway, since the time we moved in, the wall right at the entry, felt long and empty. Being entry way we wanted to do something speci ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi, any recommendations of cleaning products for marble floor and marble benchtop? Unsure about when the surfaces may have been last sealed by the pre ...

Amassing an Audience
187 replies

Hi all, I thought it may he good to have a feed where we could share any tips and tricks to do with any of the Grid Connect Range being Arlec, Deta, V ...

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