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Which speaker cable and brand is best to use in Media room (3.4x3.6m) for Home theatre setup. how much wiring may be required for 5.2 or 7.2 cha ...

Finding My Feet
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Hi everyone, I hope my question makes sense as I don't know all the correct terminology, so i apologise in advance My partner uas been changing al ...

Just Starting Out

Hi all - after a recommendation for a table saw - am looking at the Dewalt (DWE7491) - does anyone have any feedback? main use will be for ongoing ren ...

Just Starting Out
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Hi, I have metal door frames throughout my house that have been cut by a previous owner to install a floating floor over two sets of tile. We have rem ...

Just Starting Out
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Purchased a Euromatic air conditioner a few years ago.. now its showing an E4 error code and will no longer cool/heat. The fan on the evaporator (insi ...

Making a Splash
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Hi all, we have had subfloor ventilation installed by a contractor, but its quality is not very good so I want to redo it. As flexible ducting always ...

Becoming a Leader
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Hi guys, I bought a Specrite panel today to use as a shelf, two brackets.and a box of screws. I bought the 25mm screws specifically to avoid the sc ...

Just Starting Out
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Hi, I am hoping to get some advice on the best way to get around this situation with my ceilings so that I can paint and do it right. The house was bu ...

Getting Established
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TV Conduit to 90mm stud internal wall – how to plan? Share pictures to get idea. what will be connected to the TV, leads to the question how many and ...

Getting Established
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Dear Experts, 1) any pull out organiser in steel which can be mounted under the sink cupboard for keeping detegent bottles and other stuff. - will thi ...

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The Bunnings Workshop community is full of helpful people sharing their experiences and knowledge about home improvement. We are always happy to provi ...

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