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Garage and Shed

Help for garage and shed projects
Community Newcomer
1 reply

hi community, I want to build a garden house with a frame construction. One-storey, flat roof with ~ 30° angle. The garden terrain is rather uneven ...

Finding My Feet
4 replies

Hey Team!I am getting to the pointy end of my garage project where I have lineed the walls with 15mm ply and insulated to make my garage more weather ...

Just Starting Out
41 replies

Good morning, I try to find a solution to a problem that concerns me since ever I have bought my second hand ute. A second hand lockable tray was inst ...

Just Starting Out
13 replies

Put a18V FLAT Ozito battery on charger 2.25 hrs Now won’t work ?? Ideas? Please.

Growing in Experience
26 replies

Help needed, how do I attach the Ametalin 1350mm x 6.67m Thermal Liner to my tin roof or back or garage roller door? Thanks

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Looking to attach a timber ledger to steel framed and clad shed for a balcony. 1. What are the best fastening options? 2. Is there a way to make the j ...

Getting Established
35 replies

Hi everyone, I have an old garage that I want to convert to a music room with lots of equipment. It has hardiplank on the outside and I plan to add ac ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Colourbond shed wall is rusted at the bottom. How to repair it??  

Getting Established
11 replies

Hi all, Hoping for some advice, I've spent days looking through google and am at a loss. The house we bought had a outdoor room/shed added on to t ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hello - we have just built a 3m x 3m Absco Garden Shed in our backyard. Despite some teething problems, the shed is now constructed, and anchored. I w ...

Just Starting Out
14 replies

There is a 20 cms gap between my garage wall and the fence with my neighbor. The neighbor's property is higher than my Garage and when it rains the wa ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi all, Looking forward to being more active here having bought our first place. My question relates to a fairly large gap between the cornice and b ...

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